New HYPERVSN experience for your customers
Use HyperTabletApp with your HYPERVSN to increase sales and impact with interactive 3D holograms

The Tablet Application for HYPERVSN is designed to allow your customers to interact with 3D HYPERVSN holographic display, pick and control its 3D media content using a mobile phone or a tablet.

With the Tablet App installed your customer can go through 3D catalogs which you can create in advance for products and brands on sale.
What you'll get
Every day we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Content management
Manage your categories, brands, products through the admin panel

Customize your app to meet your needs - add your logo and your brand color palette
Catalog for customers
Enjoy the easy-to-use catalog so that each customer of your shop or restaurant could visualize and interact with your product
Secure admin panel - no one except for your staff will be able to manage your content
We are happy to arrange a live demo for you

Contact us for more details and request a FREE DEMO
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